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When partnering with us your organization and guests will benefit:

  • From over 25 years in the specialty field of benefit, fundraising auctioneering

  • As a two time Ohio State bid-calling champion we will keep your audience engaged with a clear, easy to understand technique
  • A degree in Sales Marketing 
  • One of the first 42 Auctioneers in the World to receive the prestigious (Benefit Auction Specialist) Designation in 2007 the first year it was available.  Currently there are less than 200 in the World.
  • An Auctioneer that chooses to partner with approximately 30 events each year in the Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky Tri-State area, and beyond.  This allows us to customize our services to you.

A successful fundraising auction is the result of a year of planning, soliciting, marketing and networking.  The potential for an event's success is started long before the doors open the day/night of the event.  Susan’s Auction Service is dedicated to working with you to ensure every event we are involved with has the greatest potential for success.

Your Customized Services may include:


Live Bid Calling Auctioneer Services - Award winning live auctioneers that entertain your audience and professionally accomplish the task at hand, which is boosting your bids to even unanticipated amounts!

Professional Bid Assistants / Floor Auctioneers - Discover how professionals can help your auction achieve even greater results. Our spotters know how to communicate with the auctioneer and well as your patrons in an energetic way.  They will recognize your bidders in a complimentary manner and your crowd will leave talking about our team!

Special Appeal or "Fund A Need" - Uncover your crowd's potential by taking the lid off the giving jar!  Your patrons will be called upon for a vital cause which will be efficiently explained and facilitated by your auctioneer.  This is usually the highlight of a fundraiser and can boost the morale of your guests just by being a part of it! Here, we find generosity is truly contagious!

Extra Revenue Generating Crowd Please-rs!  Creative exciting audience participation games that bring in the money,

laughs and fun Facilitated by the Auctioneer.  Envision your audience on their feet, laughing and playing a game of chance that potentially raises thousands of dollars in just a few minutes.  Fun for everyone!

Official Benefit Auction Brainstorming and Kick-off Party to completely personalize your benefit auction motivate your charity auction committee members, and custom design your fundraising donation/sponsor ideas

Fundraising Auction Consultation can include pre-event planning and design, via phone and e-mail, regarding your auction items and all aspects of the benefit auction fundraising event which affect your charity auction revenue and fundraising success.

Benefit Auction Meetings Attendance - may attend vital meetings with auction committee and volunteers.

Master of Ceremonies – Serving as your ambassador, the emcee will create a fun plus an encouraging atmosphere through targeted charity auction microphone announcements, bidding incentives, and entertaining charity auctioneer encouragement. Professional Benefit Auction Microphone Announcements, promotions, and silent auction table closings ensure proper attention at your charity auction fundraising event
Professional Pre-Auction Evaluation reviews all of your benefit auction donations, recommending optimal sorting of charity auction items into silent charity auction and live charity auction packaging of multiple auction item donations for maximum returns.
Professional Benefit Auction Design recommendations are customized for your charity auction fundraiser to generate more auction interest, excitement and charity auction revenue. Such specific recommendations include appropriate charity auction item acquisitions, grouping of charitable donations, charity auction pricing, mystery charity auction items, charity auction display style, promotion of charity auction packages and more
Charity Auction Volunteer Trainingwith professional benefit auction instruction including job descriptions and volunteer event schedules for auction registration, live charity auction support, raffle ticket promotion, and more Fundraising Auction Bid Sheets, Description Sheets, and Invoices are personally customized using our professional benefit auction templates for best possible silent auction bidding.
Charity Auction Website – assistance with regional and national promotion on Custom Benefit Auctions’ website, National Auctioneers Association website, and the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana Auctioneer’s Associations website.
Benefit Auction Press Releases - assistance with newspaper, TV and Radio press releases to raise interest and awareness to your cause.
Benefit Auction Engineering - intentional design and master auction table layouts, donation item packaging, and benefit auction display enhancements