Achieving the Benefit Auction Specialist (BAS) designation is a significant accomplishment in Susan's career. There are fewer than 200 BAS Auctioneers worldwide, while there are over 3,000 licensed auctioneers in Ohio alone, highlighting the exclusivity of this designation. Maintaining a BAS designation is crucial for Susan and any organization that uses an Auctioneer for fundraising events.

In addition to the BAS degree, Susan holds a college degree in Sales Marketing, which adds value to the marketing skills she provides to her clients. She is committed to staying current with the latest fundraising strategies and techniques to provide the best results for her clients.

At Susan's Auction Service, we understand the importance of working with a highly skilled and knowledgeable auctioneer for your fundraising event. With Susan's BAS designation and marketing expertise, you can trust that your event will be a success. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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Benefit Auction Specialist

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Susan Johnson, BAS is the founder of Susan's Auction Service, a professional auctioneer with a proven track record of raising millions of dollars for non-profit organizations across the tri-state area. With over 25 years of experience in benefit auctions, Susan has worked with clients in education, social services, arts, theatre, government, entertainment, health care, and volunteer organizations.

At Susan's Auction Service, our philosophy is to get involved with clients as early as possible and provide guidance throughout the planning process. As fundraising auctions are unique, we offer creative solutions to the challenges faced by each event. Whether your auction is new or established, we can make it more fun and rewarding.

Fundraising auctions are our specialty, and we bring a unique focus and breadth of knowledge to our work. Trust Susan's Auction Service to make your event a success and raise funds for your cause.

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Charity auctions are a rapidly growing specialty segment within the auction industry, with two-thirds of NAA (National Auctioneers Association) members conducting one or more charity auctions in 2021. Non-profit organizations are aware that using a professional Auctioneer for fundraisers can generate more revenue, provide better entertainment, and protect against legal liabilities compared to using a non-professional.

It's essential to comply with state laws that govern live auctions. Many states, including Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, REQUIRE that licensed auctioneers conduct live auctions. By working with a Benefit Specialist, you can ensure that your fundraising event complies with these laws and maximize your fundraising efforts.

At Susan's Auction Service, we specialize in benefit auctions, and our professional auctioneers have extensive experience working with non-profit organizations across the tri-state area. Contact us today to learn how we can help make your next fundraising event a success.

Susan will draw your crowd into the bidding

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pleasing and understandable auction chant.